Principal's Message


Mrs. Jennett Hunter


One Vision, One Community, One District, Every Child, Every Day


Dear Minnie Ruffin Parents,

As we continue to move forward in the new “Now”, we are continuously faced with the many challenges induced by COVID-19.  We here at Minnie Ruffin Elementary School, see our parents as a valuable resource in the educational process. Each of you has been tasked with deciding between virtual/distant or traditional (face-to-face) learning. Regardless of your choice, we honor our district’s commitment to teaching “our” children while many of you are simultaneously working and juggling other obligations. We realize that steering through the various on-line teaching technology/programs, COVID-19, and learning the many facets of the curriculum can be overwhelming.

 Know one thing, We ARE HERE FOR YOU! We have devoted teachers who spend hours planning and creating classroom activities to engage students in learning.  Every child is welcomed, connected, and part of the neighborhood we call Minnie Ruffin. Furthermore, we encourage each student to grow to his or her academic potential.

We encourage our parents to visit our teachers’ websites and take advantage of the many resources available for parents. Our public relations team is actively engaged in keeping parents up to date with events at our school. We are asking parents to join Remind for the latest updates. Minnie Ruffin’s Website and Class Dojo serves as a vital resource for teacher-parent communication.  Class Dojo will also feature “Bragging Rights”. We will showcase students' and teachers’ positive accomplishments.

We appreciate you and are thankful that you entrusted your children to the Minnie Ruffin Team.  As principal, I enthusiastically invite each parent to share your concerns, give input regarding improvement (s), and share positive moments/memories. Please let us know how you would like to become more actively involved in the educational process at Minnie Ruffin Elementary as we continue to strive to carry on the legacy of a Hallmark of Excellence- Every Child, Every Day.