Ms. Williams' class

Hello my name is Ms. Chrissy Williams. This year administration has decided that 1st grade will departmentalize, I have been given the honor of teaching your child math.  I anticipate your child's educational growth to soar , and there are a few things that you can do to help ensure they are successful this year.

A few reminders to ensure continued success through the remainder of the school year:

•Please check your child's BLACK BINDER every night. There you will find study guides and homework. It is very important that your child review and complete all the homework assigned. All homework given is just a review of what was taught in class. Homework is given Monday-Thursday.

•Test papers and conduct sheets go home every Wednesday. Please go over your child's tests and conduct grade. When you receive these papers, please review your child's grades, sign the front page and return all of the papers the next day. If papers are not returned, I will contact you the next day (Thursday). If papers are continued to not be returned, I will discontinue sending your child's papers and you will need to view them at school.​
•Please continue to practice basic addition and subtraction facts with your child.
•REMEMBER to check your child's binder every night.


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