Mr. Wright- Social Studies

Room 7- Main Hall
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Welcome to 5th Grade Social Studies. The class follows the curriculum set forth by the Louisiana Department of Education. This is a 21st Century Classroom and uses Google Classroom for assignments and tests.


  1. We will respect each person in the class.
  2. We will bring positive attitudes to the class.
  3. We will remain in our seats until given permission to move.
  4. We will talk when asked to speak.
  5. We will work on assigned tasks until the class is complete.
  6. We will sleep when we get home.


  • A 100-93
  • B 85-92
  • C 75-84
  • D 67-74
  • F 66-below


To be productive members of society, students must be critical consumers of the information they read, hear, and observe and communicate effectively about their ideas. You need to gain knowledge from a wide array of sources and examine and evaluate that information to develop and express an informed opinion, using information gained from the sources and your background knowledge. You must be able to make a connection between what you learn about the past and the present to understand how and why events happen and why people act in certain ways.

  • Unit 1- Indigenous Cultures of the Americas
  • Unit 2- European Exploration
  • Unit 3- Settlement of the Present-Day United States
  • Unit 4- Colonial Advancements
  • Unit 5- The French and Indian War
  • Unit 6- Geography of the United States & Louisiana


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