Ms. Lartorre Davis' Extraordinary ELA LEARNERS

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I am Ms. Davis and I would like to welcome your child to Third Grade. This is my eighth year of teaching at Minnie Ruffin Elementary School, and my sixth year of teaching third grade. I am looking forward to getting to know both you, and your child, this year.  Third grade students will achieve much this year in terms of academic growth, greater self-confidence, and improved social skills. Good communication between parent, teacher, and student is very important for your child’s academic growth. I am available to meet with parents EVERY day after school and with a scheduled parent teacher conference during available times of the school day. Unfortunately, I am not able to meet with parents before school starts in the morning, as students are coming in then, and they need all of my attention. For parents who use e-mail, I normally check my e-mail daily, and this is often the quickest, and most efficient way to get in touch with me, or to discuss any of your concerns. I will respond promptly. Please feel free to e-mail me at:


  If you have any special questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to come in any time; or send me a note with your child in the morning, or by e-mail; or set up a conference. You may also call the school directly at (318) 322-3447 Ext. 4614.  Thanks in advance for your concern and participation in your child’s education.

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*ELA Newsletters will be sent home on Monday.
This newsletter will include their study guide for 2 weeks, vocabulary words, weekly homework, and weekly classroom schedule.
*Detailed Progress Reports will be sent home 

every 3rd,6th,& 9th week on Thursday.
 Your child will
 receive conduct from their homeroom teacher and  a detailed progress report from each individual teacher that will total 4 different detailed progress reports. The progress report MUST be signed and returned to that teacher. 

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Weekly Schedule:
Guidebook Unit S
Daily Classwork- Everyday (25 points weekly) 
Weekly Assessments on Fridays
Unit Assessment- End of the Nine Weeks

English Language Arts

Areas of Focus:
Reading Strategies


Weekly Grades:

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Areas for extra credit
Support Grade
Accelerated Reading
Accelerated Math
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