Mrs. Walker-Sims' Wonder Seekers


Dear Parents and Students,

  Welcome to the 6th Grade!

My name is Mrs. Nydia Walker-Sims. I have the privilege of being your child’s 6th grade social studies teacher. It is with great sincerity when I say that teaching is not my job; it’s the career that I have chosen and hold dear. As you do, I take my responsibility of having your child’s best interest at heart, seriously. Let’s keep the lines of communication open to ensure that our student maintains a positive attitude and an appreciation for learning.

Social Studies-World History: World history is more than learning about past events and people. World history also seeks a global perspective on the past, one that integrates the historical experiences of all of the world's people and their interactions. We will learn and discuss the effects of early man evolving from being a hunter to a food producer. This agricultural revolution led to the growth of communities, specialized skills, interaction among the cultures and more. We will also study the legacies of different cultures and the impact(s) they have on our modern world. We will explore the connection that the past has on our present.

Please click on the 7 Key Themes link for more information on what we will focus on in class.


DBQ: Document Based Question(s): The teaching of social studies has changed. Although content and prior knowledge still are important components in this subject; emphasis will be placed on our students being able to analyze, make inferences, explain relevance, and being able to evaluate, articulate, and write his/her perspective. Document Based Question is an activity that requires students to read a series of documents, all of which rely on a central historical question(s). The task is for the student to analyze these documents and be able to compose an evidence-based essay. In short, the goal is for students to acquire critical thinking skills and clarity of writing.

DON’T PANIC! Together, we are going to practice until we get it RIGHT!

Discipline: I believe you get out of life what you put into it. Each student should come to school ready to learn and do his/her best to achieve. Good behavior is EXPECTED in this class. I also believe we learn from our mistakes. Therefore, I appreciate your support in helping each student learn the importance of learning. Each homeroom teacher will send home weekly conduct sheets to keep you “in the loop” regarding your child’s behavior. Please check your child's social studies notebook to discuss Class Rules and Expectations.

Homework:  Our students MUST develop their study skills.  Students will have homework every night (including some weekends). The district homework policy for 6th grade is 60 minutes of combined homework per night. Hence, my homework should not exceed 15-20 minutes. We will follow these guidelines to prepare our student for junior high school. The homework will consist of:

 Attendance: Coming to school every day is very important; however, when a student is sick keeping them home from school is best. Make-up work will be required when a student is absent.

 Questions:  If you have any questions, comments or suggestions please feel free to contact me at school at 322-3447 ext.4612. My goal is to maintain a warm, structured, positive environment and yet provide flexibility to meet the individual needs of my students and parents, too. 

Education breeds confidence. Confidence breeds hope. Hope breeds peace.”  Confucius