Mrs. Alecia Davis' Third Grade Trendsetters

Welcome Parents and Students to "My Bayou"
Louisiana's Rich Culture,History,&Uniqueness

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Hello My Name Is:
Alecia Davis
I teach Third Grade 
Social Studies​

I am a graduate of Grambling State University, where I attained my Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education and Masters of Science in Developmental Education along with  MA+30 , and several other certifications. I have been teaching for 
10+ years and counting!!! 

I am excited to start this school year and I hope you are too!!!
School is in session and I am prepared to teach,African American Female Teacher On Blackboard Stock Vector
enhance, Image result for CHILDREN SITTING ON THE WORLD CARTOON shape, mold,Image result for shaping pottery  and motivateImage result for blacks students raising their in class ALL my students' academic skills.     
 I would like ALL my students to have a fun and memorable school year!!!
Therefore, PARENTS, I need your FULL support throughout the school year in order to be fully successful in achieving OUR goals.

Image result for put on calendarOUR Weekly Regimen
Homework Assignment Sheets will cover a week or sometimes more than one week. The dates will be at the top of the sheet.
Detailed Progress Report will be given every 3 weeks and 
MUST BE signed and returned to each teacher

Cognizant Information 
Students should have a binder with dividers by subjects which will consist of their: homework assignments and correspondences from their teachers or school. Therefore, students MUST HAVE their binder daily in order to be organized. Students' test will mirror information from their homework, class assignments stapled in their notebook, and in class resource books. Social Studies has changed quite a bit. It is more technology driven.
            Check USEFUL LINKS to see websites!!! 

Content: Students in third grade focus on Louisiana in many aspects, from its geography to the government. With a solid foundation of each content area, students will be ready to move more in-depth concepts developed at higher grade levels. Students explain how society, the environment, the political and economic landscape, and historical events influence perspectives, values, traditions, and ideas. To accomplish this, they:

Use key questions to build understanding of content through multiple sources

• Corroborate sources and evaluate evidence by considering author, occasion, and purpose

Claims: Students develop and express claims through discussions and writing which examine the impact of relationships between ideas, people, and events across time and place. At this level, students are beginning to look at more authentic sources as a foundation and move away from reliance on texts in order to develop claims. To accomplish this, they

Recognize recurring themes and patterns in history, geography, economics, and civics

• Evaluate the causes and consequences of events and developments

Content Focus

  • Geography of Louisiana
  • Natives, settlers, and growth of Louisiana and its culture
  • Louisiana's government, role, and economics


Document-based questions (DBQ), maps, timelines, projects, sample tasks , short and extended responses, constructed responses, multiple-choice/multiple select(selected response) etc.


Assigned Grades: Test/Quizzes, Homework, Projects,
 Class Work, and Class Participation

Grading Scale

100-93 =A
 92-85= B
84-75= C
74-67= D
66-0= F

Image result for rememberHomework is essential and must be completed to your child's best ability. Homework will count as a grade every nine weeks. I expect nothing but the best from all my students, so parents please stress to your child the benefits and importance of doing their homework. 

It challenges, enhances, and show their capabilities.
Moreover, it gives you a glance at what your child is learning and expose to in their class daily. 

Education is the key to success no matter what we desire to become in life.
Encourage learning at all times...It pays to know something in all subject areas. It takes our children farther than we can imagine.

Image result for thinking imageJust A Thought

"All great achievements require time"
"If you don't like something, change it and if you can't change it, change your attitude"
"Nothing will work unless you do"
"Try to be a rainbow in someone's cloud"
~Maya Angelou~

"If you Believe you will Achieve"
"Learning is a continuous cycle, you never stop learning"
"It's good to get a great educational experience when given an opportunity to obtain it"~Alecia Davis~

Mascot: Baby Wildcats
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Minnie Ruffin Elementary Mission Statement
The mission of Minnie Ruffin Elementary School is to educate each child to his/her ever increasing maximum academic and social levels.
If you have any Image result for light bulb question mark cartoonquestions, concerns, or comments,Image result for bulb thinking please call to schedule a conference through email: 
or call 322-3447 ext.4635 @2:45-3:00
I am looking forward to hearing from ALL parents and most of all meeting ALL parents/guardians!!!

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